Ideas to add to gimkit game🤔

do u have gmail
cos i dont have outlook

Trampoline park, concert hall, jyp/cube building, various stores


I have a school email, but I can’t get emails from people outside my district
you can easily make an outlook, though
it takes not even 5 min

and its blocked on my chrome

yeah i have a school email
i think i can get emails from outside thoguh

can i not email you with a gmail acc
i tried emailing u
can u see it?

Im back and also add a library

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please move this conversation elsewhere, its off-topic and is clutter.


Guys this is REALLY off-topic
Let’s stop


yeah, also guys, you should add a seirese of underground tunnels

a kitchen?

I do!
I mean… I don’t really care 'bout it. I would link a good argument from a youtube video, but I don’t believe I can.
Try this: I'm really bored and I want map ideas
See: you might be able to get ideas for rooms FROM the ideas

The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

there are two guides…

one with ideas in detail for games to build…one with a list of game builds and list of buildings.

Bombs that can blow up on you

Why did you edit this 5 times?