Ideas To Add For My Map?

I’m nearly done with my map, Double Trouble - Ocean Edition now, but I still have some memory left. What should I add? It’s a water theme (if you didn’t know) and it’s based on two teams competing (if you also didn’t know).


Maybe a sunken pirate ship(If you didn’t have that already)?

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Nice! I’ll add that (but first, I need to expand the map a little bit).


Ok. Maybe a… um… a deep sea place? I don’t know.


I meant palace

That’ll probably be too much because knowing me, I’ll make it an entirely new game.


Maybe mark a solution? :slight_smile:

Not quite yet. I’m still waiting for some more replies (because it’s just been you helping around :slightly_smiling_face:).


maybe like a hidden treasure box that can give them something to help win the game?

Yeah, I was going to put something like that in the sunken pirate ship. Thanks anyway!

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How about a cruise ship that has a secret in it

Yeah, nice! Along with that, I’ll probably add some lore. If anyone could think up some ideas, that would be helpful.

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What do you do in the game? I could try to make some lore if I knew that.

Two opposing teams are competing to win a prize. That’s basically all there is.

Maybe it could go back many decades ago, when two clans fought, but tied. You can use that if you want.

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How about this: Years ago, 5 master fishers fought for the gold fish, 3 fishers failed to find it, but 2 found it, they both found it at the same time. And they started a war to get it, and the war raged on untill now, where one team got it, but the other stole it back and made the war worse. The war is still going on now.

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maybe some shops to buy upgrades

Nice! That lore’s pretty good! I’ll probably use something like that.

I already have an upgrade shop. Thanks anyway!



I like that Lore too. @gimmaster12345 Don’t you think this feels kinda like CTF? Echo vs. Vortex?

What’s that?