Ideas To Add For My Map?

Capture The Flag, the lore between Echo and Vortex.

Also, what other things are underwater that I can add?

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Maybe a treasure map that leads to a quantum portal or cash or something

Maybe a secret tunnle that led’s to a obby cave.

Or a treasure map that leads to a secret cave

Yeah, I’ll add a treasure map.

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P.S: I don’t play CTF.

Here’s an intact pirate ship:

And the shipwreck:

(this was all made with the pirate gim, Captain Buck)


maybe change the sentry into a water theme?

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What sentry?



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How about adding a sacrificial system at the bottom of the sea- "Sacrifice Treasure/Golden Souls to the deep sea and gain damage modifier buffs as a result.


If you have sentry in your map

Ooh, sounds nice! Good idea!

(I feel honored to have WhoAmI to help me)

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do you have sentry in your map?

Yes, I do.

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oh ok, my bad lol, I didn’t see you reply me

Maybe an underwater maze with @THE7 's decorated sentries.