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I’m making a sort of mystery game, but what thumbnail should I use? Should I make it like a sci-fi, or something like that?

Um, this is off-topic, so I suggest closing it to prevent being flagged.

You should probably do something like this tho.

  • Scifi
  • Something like that
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I can try and fix that, but any other options?

maybe have a gim searching for something in the thumbnail? (like with a magnifying glass) it depends on what kind of mystery game it is, so i apologize if i misunderstood.

You didn’t really misunderstand, is the thing people doing this game, however, is they look for clues to open a door with a key that they have to find.

ah, maybe in the background you could have slight hints on where the key might be and stuff. i could make a sketch on what I’m thinking really quick if you want.

Sure! I kinda want to see what you mean.

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(please excuse how bad this sketch is, im using touchpad and ms paint to draw.)
Screenshot 2024-01-03 4.56.01 PM
you could have some of the gims searching for something, (the one in front is using a magnifying glass.) in the background you could add the door that needs to be opened and some hints about where the key may be. (maybe the key itself hanging on a coathanger, or a painting that’s in game that helps you find the key.)


OHH! Love The Idea! BTW, Love the profile picture. How did you make it?


Thanks! I made my pfp using flipaclip, the character i drew is an oc of mine. (lets stay on topic though.)

Why is it off-topic?

It’s not…

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The original topic was just about help for a thumbnail.

The thumbnail is related to a GKC map, therefore is not really off-topic.

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Hmmm…very controversial is the topic.

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Hi Leo,
Hopefully you already have a great thumbnail.
I can design and customize it for you by tomorrow if you give me the following information.

Game Name:
Brief Description: (So I know what it will be about)
Background: (Anything Appropriate)
What Gims you want to be on there:

Maxi Zhang

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