Thumbnail Status: In Desperate Need!

Could someone make me a thumbnail for my game?
I’ll give you credit!
It’s a game where you chop down trees for seeds and use those seeds to upgrade your zapper to cut down stronger trees!

Ok! I could do that for you

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Thank you so much!

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If you are open to adding Gim Skins, could you add the Hamster skin or the Pineapple skin?

OK! I can do that! (hwhhwigwugui need to pass character minimum)

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? No I mean in the tumbnail.

m. I see.

Here you go, @GimSolver ! I tried my best:

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This is really good! Thankyou.

your welcome! always happy to help!

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This is off topic. Ask on the wix.

How? It’s about GKC.

Is a thumbnail made in gkc creative? Are you asking for advice on how to make one in gimkit creative? If the answer is no, it’s off-topic.

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