Ideas or help to make horror game

the name is what i need if your idea is the one i choose then i will credit you in gimkit.

Maybe a fnaf recreation?


ok but that would be hard so maybe a security breach one where a player be animatronic

Some random ideas:

  • spooky lore
  • flashing lights
  • trolls
  • blacks out, then teleports you somewhere else
  • a spooky fish that floats around

nice idea i might try that

You could use pixelart and make the player teleport different areas to make the screen look like it’s shaking


hmmm that might be hard but i could try i am still new at this


ok i will try that thanks :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Heres an idea… One player will be a killer, 1 to 3 will be a survivor, the survivors have to fix three generators, maybe make it so the more players on it, the faster it gets fixed, and the generators open a gate they have to escape from the killer who sets off a bunch of traps to try to stop the player, but doesn’t stop the killer, they get into a boat and run away.

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Popup jumpscare with a skull emoji on it.


Game where a person has to creep through a dark factory with 1 health and has to dodge sentry bullets and the like.

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A place where you think you will be jump scared but never are

That sounds fun

A game that slowly becomes more distorted, kind of like Amanda the adventurer

The main thing in horror games is to make the player feel unsettled. Thus, pretty much anything can be horror. Use sudden teleportations, strange sounds to make the player feel like they’re hallucinating, and of course, a sense of the unknown. Or just recreate FNaF. I’m gonna be working on FNaF 4 but every animatronic is Toy Chica pretty soon, but not in Gimkit

Try liminal spaces, they have an unsettling feeling that you’re not alone. take a giant mall for example you can see what you can see but the place is so big, something scary could be anywhere. maybe you could have a goal center that you come to every now and then and the goals might say something like: Task: stay alone FAILED. I agree with @AverageMale who says that the game will all be happy Gimkit fun land then become death blood monster land. But there aren’t really any scary thing to expect in Gimkit, that’s why most of the horror games in Gimkit are terrible. But lead them to see that Gimkit is no longer a kids learning game, its a horror game. what I’m saying is make something kid freindly slowly not kid friendly. then you have a unique horror game!


The thing is that there’s no way as far as I know to make things darker.

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You have to get creative with text, words have power.
All the NPCs are in happy fun land but inside they are distorted with no freedom in sight.
“Gone… gone…”

You can overlay a barrier with no collision and is see through for making tihngs darker. Or you can alter the tint of the prop.