Idea's Needed For Game

I’m currently making a Boss fight game and I need ideas, currently I have a Necromancer and I’m working on a King. If you give an idea please give their ability, example is the Necromancer summons minions or a robot locks stuff.

the king can regen and enable lasers in the room

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I am already doing a king and have ideas for it but I do need ideas for more boss’s

you can add sentries that are captain buck it make pirates attack the king

Assassin, its basically a sentry that gets rapidly teleported around and has a quantum portal, its ability could be to spawn more sentries for a few seconds,

These are separate boss fights in different arenas but great idea

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K this is differently going into the map

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What if this is all in a maze and once you beat a boss you get items which you can use to buy better weapons for the next boss

oh okay well maybe you can make yourself teleport to a castle or something and then 3 sentries can continue to keep teleporting every lets say 5 seconds and you have to eliminate
them all in a minute or more

how did you do that?

u jst post links.

What if you have a double agent who pretends to help you but then at the end suddenly becomes the most powerful boss trying to beat you

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