Ideas, Ideas, Ideas... Help me please

or you have energy as hearts and you lose 3 from touching creeper that is a zone

and you decorate some sentries as plants and some as skeletons that shoot with their bows/wand

and when hit you lose 1 energy

I really like the creeper/zone idea and the day/night idea. @Theaxolotl could you update the day and night please.

Remember to mark a solution once you find one.

You could just use pseudo health for the hearts. (don’t ask me how I have just heard of it.) There are some guides about it though.

well its kinda hard :rofl:

I mean yea, but you can still say “Thank you” to everyone that helped. And mark a solution for one that you will do.

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isnt that what I said?


An idea is you have several rooms an you have to get items to progress through said rooms.
This has a list of items:

If this helps @GimSolver, please let me know :slight_smile:

You could make a creeper a sentry that activates a zone around it that activates lasers upon death.
For the nether, you could add dark marble and utlize 3D Plastic (Red) for the lava.


if you dont understand then you dont have to engage in this conversation

It’s a biome in minecraft.

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I have said that though

I thank all of you guys so much but I have to close this now.

Your welcome I loved this topic

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Have fun making your map.

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No you said energy. (character limit)

well i thought that was the same thing

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