How to create your own metroidvania

This is a guide on how to create your own open world adventure (metroidvaina) in GIMKIT creative.

Metroidvania definition

A metroidvania is a genre of single player videogames where you roam around a immersive world with countless obstacles and challenges that encourage players to explore and discover.
The main way to progress through a metroidvanias is to find items and defeat bosses. A metroidvania’s story is usually told through its world, items. and characters (if their are any outside of the main character)

Some examples of metroidvanias are…

Metroid (the first part of the metroidvania name.)
Castlevania (the second part of metroidvania name)
Hallow Knight

Things you need for a metroidvania

  • First you need a plot. Can be anything from Your village got destroyed, too “oh I fell down into this cave! I have to get out!”
  • ITEMS! you must have ITEMS. Without items your player connot progress and if you cant progress you cannot play the game.
  • You must also have an intricate map for your player to explore otherwise your player will end up getting bored.
Example of a good metroidvania map

green area= underground jungle
Red area= HOT area
Blue area= underwater area
Brown area= surface area

Items you can use for a metroidvania on GIMKIT

  • Main weapon ( This will be one of if not the first weapon you get)
  • Something that can break props
  • Speed booster
  • Heat resistance ability (some areas in a game may be super heated meaning if you enter you will take lots of damage via invisible lasers)
  • Double jump (for when DLD comes out for creative)

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BRO!!! METRIOD DREAD HAS BEEN OUT FOR 2 YEARS! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
But The E.M.M.I are not that hard once you learn how they move and their respctive ability’s I think you should play it. The metriod series is a really good series to pick up to expand your video game knowledge. it may help give you with GIMKIT creative ideas like how it did for me. :slight_smile:
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