Ideas, Ideas, Ideas... Help me please

I was thinking about making a new map (since my old one is defective) about an escape room, any ideas (decoration, mechanics)?

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What is going to be the theme of it? Or is that an idea you want?

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Chatting mechanic! its so cool

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I’ve so far made NOTHING. I just want ideas (including a theme) so I CAN make it. :grimacing:

Medieval or colonial is my opinion

Chatting is useless in my map… It’s going to be mostly solo. I guess I could make 2 games in the same slot tho…

Colonial seriously? History?

Make it like a ruins, or something. My idea is kinda like Minecraft Dungeons.

no if its single player then forget what I said

OOOOoh, tell me more… (like the props and terrain).

What it was an idea :unamused:

I am thinking of a progressional type of idea, with each progression changing the background and overall feel of the room.

though not asking me maybe make a warden sentry

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@ae83 welcome to the forum

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No, don’t welcome him, in his profile, it says to ignore him, please respect his wishes.

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So the level I have in mind is like an grassy, sandy, or snowy outside. You fight a little. Then you get underground. Which is like dark scraps or anything dark. No metal, unless it adds some color. Then you have this big maze with more fighting. Then eventually you find the exit of the dungeon, go back up. Solve some puzzles. Then you add whatever you want!
Don’t ask why it took me so long to type this. I was interrupted IRL.

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What about props???
ALso, how do I make it seem like a transition from ground to the underground? DLD creative doesn’t exist.

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Grass but backwards as stalactites