Ideas for what to make

thanks so much everyone

idea-catalog has just about everything for ideas


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I promise the following isn’t advertisment

  1. Survive after a nuclear bomb has been dropped!
  2. Death run
  3. Hide n seek.
  4. 1v1 map
  5. zombie apcollapse.
    6.GTA 6

Also one main thing. Search before you post!

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Screenshot 2024-02-14 7.28.00 PM
Use this if you’re still looking for ideas!

you seem kind of mad at every one when they need this sort of help

there are resources already and hundred of help topics about it

They are just trying to let others know! We often get many kinds of this post every day, so it can annoy others (Not me!)

bold is often used to draw your attention to something it is not always screaming

i can see that and i can see that it is not you @Artemis

It’s because before (I didn’t have an account so you wouldn’t know me) people didn’t do that (make topics that are like this) every single day 5 times. It gets pretty annoying when there’s already so much answers out there. Also I didn’t mean to seem mad @legendary.

it did happen it just calmed down for a while

If anything, let’s stay on topic, OR just give solutions. The poster will get many notifications of this, so let’s stop.

true that is why i said " it seems"

thanks for the ideas everyone I think i am going to make a tycoon

just make sure to mark a solution

Happy to help! Good luck on your journey! If you need anything, I’m here to help. I always have a design, theme, or colour up my sleeve! :+1:

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you are okay you “seemed” like you were mad

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