Ideas for the wilderness

So, I have a outside, there is a cave, a super realistic mountain, and a haunted shack.
I want to know what I should add, you can also mine in the cave, and sell it.

isn’t this considered advertisement?

I was just saying that that was the guide I used, which happens to be my guide, because I used it, so I made a guide on it

This is an advertisement, but you still need help, perhaps with rocks, small leaves, bushes, vines, or spiders. idk-

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You’re allowed to make skeletons, right?
Screenshot 2024-02-04 2.19.14 PM

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didn’t you ask for the same thing?

That was asking for boime ideas, and the solution was marked there

Do you have any ideas though?

It’s not an advertisement if the link contributes to the help question

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I removed the link

You used my haunted shack? YAY! But did you use my poetry?

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I didn’t use a guide for the shack, sadly. I made it from scratch, I didn’t use poetry in my map

Did you use my poetry in any map?

No, I don’t use text devices much.

… well… all my hard work… never used… How could you?

I could make a poetry side charater in my map and credit you, a side character in a hidden cave as an easter egg

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That says my poetry, right?

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Sure, why not!? Okay, I will use that and credit you

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A spooky thing lurking the forest

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You must use VWOOM’s poetry. Also add a wolf.