Ideas for my game

I have been working on this map for about 2 weeks and, for the most part, it is DONE!!! It’s still a work in progress but all of the mechanics and story have been finished. This is the 2nd big gim map that I have made along with Gim Survival. I am a relatively new Gim creator who started last year but I only joined the forum a few days ago. So before I show you what I have been working on feel free to give suggestions or ideas in the comments.

The Map

The map setting takes place in a mansion. I was going for a more medieval type of house using the stone barriers as the walls. There are 3 stories in the mansion.

The 1st floor:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 10.23.24 AM

The 2nd floor:

The attic:

There are also some other rooms that serve other purposes:

The LORE :thinking:

You and your friends are riding your bikes when you come across a mansion. You (being the irresponsible teenager you are) call your friends over to the front door of the mansion. It’s unlocked so you go inside and the door shuts behind you. You are terrified. You look around to see but it is very dark. Suddenly all the light flicker on. You hear something upstairs. You go over to the stairs and see… THE MONSTER. You and your friends will have to try to escape while trying not to get captured by the monster.

Game Mechanics

One of your friends will be chosen to be the hunter/monster. At the beginning of the game the survivors will have 1 minute to hide before the hunter is released. The survivors will have to gather keys, defeat enemies and get upgrades to escape. The hunter/monster can get upgrades by tagging kids. If you get tagged you will get teleported to a cage in the attic and only your friends can set you free. There may be some secret LORE hidden around the map.


Welp that’s It for now. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments.


WOW that map is excellent. Can you read any of the scattered papers on the ground?

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No but that would be a good mechanic to add

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This is AMAZING!!! It looks so nicely detailed too!

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unless you are only posting this to get suggestions and not just feedback, this is a showcase and is not allowed here.

I was posting it to get suggestions/idea but I will take it down if you want

This is good, but what do you mean the mechanics are old? Like before the season update? I found a way around that if so.

nope but thank you for asking.

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Very good! please share the cøde in the wix when it’s finished!

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Link to the wix


The art and wip tag is for guides.

Ok thank you for letting me know I am new to the Forum

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This is great! Maybe you should add notes to read and little secret teleporter nooks?

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Those are some awesome ideas. I will try and add those to my game.

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You should also make traps. You can use my guide.

You can also make triggers that activate secret sentries that try to kill you.