Ideas for mario map

Guy I’m planning to make a mario themed map. I need ideas for decoration, Easter eggs, story, enemies, and other stuff. I might not make it or publish it, but still, I could! Note I just started forum so i can’t reply for a few hours, so please be patient! PS Kat-aroni grass sky water lava


This might help! I cant find anymore guides to Mario tho :frowning: (Its mostly Mario Kart)

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If you need, I can help you with map-building at some point and If you need a thumbnail, lemme know on the thumbnail forum bu foxy and request for a artist to make one!


could you finish mine?

What worlds do you want to add? You can make it similar to don’t look down

I finished it already :slight_smile:

Mario would be easier when Platformer comes out.

I don’t see the oranges :frowning:

too bad the thumbnails page had to be closed for 4 hours :frowning:

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