Ideas for map design

I need ideas for a gimkit rip off of those tycoons in roblox. Can anyone help.

Also just got TL2 so LETS GO

Could you briefly explain what that is for those who dont know? (Defo not me -_- )

Im making a 4 player tycoon game. its a game where you start with a free dropper that earns not that much money, but as you get more money you can upgrade and when you get to the end theirs a super expensive item that is a nuke and ends the game.

WDYM by this? (eXTra)

ohhh so like a clicker game… also congrats on tl2!

I was being sarcastic?

ah but no actual clicking is envolved but the same concept yes look up “roblox tycoon description” and you can get a more comprehensive explaination

Use this :slight_smile:

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thanks (extrAhcarsfsdf)

Not what Im trying to make. as i said google that and you get better explaination.

I suggest searching up “tycoons” in the search bar. Many different guides will pop up that should help you.

town tycoon

you grind to get cash and buy houses the way you get cash is by doing jobs for reference you can look up tiny town in gimkit creative.