Ideas For Lucky Blocks

I’m making a one block lucky block game And I need ideas for what it should do! Any ideas?
BTW a lucky block is where if you use it, something randoms happens.


Instant Respawn

Random speed buff maybe?


that really doesn’t tell anything about the game…
can u pls tell more about how it works?

Make a block that spawns a 1,000 health sentry with a legendary quantum portal and max speed/accuracy

Regenerating health, weapons and items loot, a random sentry that spawns and tries to kill you, lasers that trap you, a trading sentry, a popup that says “You got nothing!”, and another lucky block!


Something that asks you for a certain item. There is a 50% chance to get double, and a 50% chance for a popup saying “YOU JUST GOT SCAMMED”.
A popup that stays up for 10 seconds, and every time you click the popup, you get a certain item.

Some useless but fun ideas
Turn the screen a different color for 2 minutes or unless overridden by a different color.
Give the player 1 snowball or some useless item every second for 60 seconds.
Make a popup that can’t be closed for 5 seconds
Activate a completely black barrier that is under the player, but above everything else so you can only see the player


The useless item thing: maybe have a max item limit, so your items will be deleted if you breach the limit.

Or just respawn the player, take all their items away, and put them in a box for a minute. Wow, we’re getting some mean ideas.

@WiggleDJim try randomizers

You’re on a lucky block in the middle of the sky, and you have to mine it to make it do things, like make more blocks for you to stand on, or teleport you to an arena (sentries do spawn in the main area), just thick of things that would be possible in gimkit.


How about making a whole lot of blocks, but some of them are…fake…
You can also add in an easter egg with a 0.001 chance of happening, or if you mine it after doing a specific action.
You can also add something so where you mine it, there is a chance of three buttons spawning (you can simulate this by deactivating buttons and making them invisible, and activating them and a prop that represents the button to spawn the button in), and each button grants a random reward.

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Good idea! I used it!

Sure thing!
maybe i’ll make the accuracy low

Try using these guides.


Ouch that one’s gonna hurt.

Fun fact, I did this instead of Fortnite because the crater would work same like the lucky blocks

@WiggleDJim, if you’re done, then please mark a solution to this post!

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