Ideas for/how can I make a Cops and Robbers gamemode in creative?

Cops and Robbers (diff version):

  • 2 teams: cops and robbers
  • cops protect the bank and tag or knockout robbers inside the bank to send them to jail (or spectator mode)
  • robbers steal money from the bank
  • 2 types of cop: security guard (has weapons) and cop (faster)
  • if the cops send everybody to jail they win, if robbers steal x amount of money they win
  • 2 end game widgets: money stolen & # of cops

Put your ideas for what I should add and also please help with the following things I want to figure out:

  • jail or spectator? i’m worried jail will get too boring but maybe you can buy a bail to go to the cops side
  • how can i make random cops security guard and regular cop, preferably on one cop team?
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I would say jail. Maybe you can also have a break-out system where other robbers can rescue the people in jail.

What do you mean one cop team?

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For the randomly assigned cops, have a player counter connected to a property that only counts team two. The counter needs to decrement on channel X. Then, have a relay for a random person on the cop team, that gives them an item. Then connect the item granter to a trigger that checks if the property is greater than 0. If so, transmit on channel X. You may need an inventory item manager to delete extras. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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One team, two psuedo teams


couldn’t you just have a relay set to random player on specific team, connected to an item granter that grants a weapon and in blocks sets a property to triggering name, and a relay that, hold on have to go for a couple minutes just wait i will further explain

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I would say jail. In my version of jail, robbers can break you out by either blowing a hole in the prison walls (which the police then have to fix) or having a policeman break you out, or by stealing a keycard from Police HQ and getting out. You could also add minigames, “cameras”, or status report boards if you want in jail. Or like training dummies and the like.

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Jail with different ways to escape

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