Ideas for GimKit maps and game modes

Hey guys happy morning or afternoon. I have seen countless post on asking for GymKit game and game mods ideas even from me so here are some ideas that you guys can use.

map ideas
Dark forest
Desert wasteland
Purple biome
Ancient castle realms
Forgot one dry land
Stone structer
Dirt/mud land
Modern future city
Medieval realm
Snowy Mountains
The moon
Spooky mansion
Post apocalyptic
game mods
Battle royal
Team wars
Modified Capture the flag
Sea wars
Escape game
Castle wars
Space wars
Invading games
Break in games
Break out games
Mini games (corn maze, find the button, cook a sandwich, speed run)
Spaceship map
Survival games
Natural Disasters
Town with one Robber one cop and the rest are civilians

There are some ideas hope this will help some of you guys and exited to see what you guys make out of these ideas, and have a good rest of your day

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