Ideas for Gimkit capture the flag battle royal

Hello everyone, i want to make a battle royal/capture the flag game but i am all out of ideas anyone got any themes or special add ones i can do? Possibly using the new dig it up props, terrain, and weapons
Thank you,
and happy game making.

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ok @Chuck72 , so picture this, one person has the flag and they are on team 2 this person has boosted heath, and everyone else is trying to “respawn” them, (they do not have boosted heath) when the guy gets “respawned” they loss there boosted heath, and the person that “respawned” them can get the flag and get boosted heal that this all starts over again. (please tell me if you want to clarify anything, please ping me by putting the @ sign in your reply)


If You want, I have made tank guides maybe for each team

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