Ideas for drinking energy

So, in my boss fight, I made it so that you can drink energy once you craft it.
Now i want to know, WHAT happens when we drink the potion.
Don’t say damage or health or speed upgrades cause you can already buy them at the start of the game

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Maybe a skin change along with the upgrade? (like goku or smth)

How do you change skins?

you can’t change skins in gimkit creative yet


You could use a damage modifier.

Perhaps the ability to use a dash button once, which would give them a large amount of speed for about a single second

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Yeah, that was a good idea, but i already added that, so it doesn’t really work

I already have a sprint function in game though.

Maybe it could give you a one-time-use power attack
(a special wepon that only has one shot)

Yeah, sorry guys, but most of the obvious ideas don’t work, so you will have to think outside of the box ( i wouldn’t post a hlp unless i really need a idea)

Nice idea, but i turned off ammo
in game, and my bosses have 100k+ health

Hmmm, can you make it so that a “team member” spawns in, and they fight for you

A sentry? but i how does that corospond with a energy drink?

you could have it “give energy” to the “team member”

A shield?

Can you pls specify?

Like yk if you drink a shield can then you get shield? Well probably it can give you a full recharge on ur shield.

Instead of drinking the energy, you could use it to “charge” the “team mate”, so you make it so that when you drink it, it sends a channel message that activates the sentry. And the sentry will be on team “player”.

Then it will “fight” on the player’s side :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, but itisn’twhat i am looking for…