Ideas for creative map

I have no ideas for maps
Please suggest an idea that might take awhile but is relitavely easy to make

Here’s a few challenges, although they might not be the easiest
A calculator!
Tic tac toe!

Some easier ones might be:
Death run!
Capture the flag with four flags!

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They might be new to GKC, so make like, some simple ones

Maybe like a Battle Royale?

Good Idea!
I already made a battle royale. It is very fun.
I am not that new to gimkit creative, but new enough to not know that abbreviation!
My friend is doing 4-way capture the flag. I will check on how he’s doing.

Hmm, are you using a chromebook though?


BlackHole- what do you mean by death run?

Like the players run through an obstacle course, avoiding sentries and lasers!

Good though, can you make a acc on this?

I can’t right now, but I can tomorrow!

Oh alr!


@GimAI /gimai_help Can you suggest some ideas for a detailed game that is relatively easy to make?

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Absolutely, @Zypheir! It’s fantastic that you’re looking to create a game on Gimkit. Here are a few ideas that could work well on the platform:

  1. Mystery/Escape Room Game: Players can solve riddles or puzzles to progress in the game. Gimkit’s devices can allow you to create different paths or outcomes based on the answers given by the players.

  2. Adventure Game: Create a story-driven game where players make choices that affect the outcome. This could be a fantasy adventure, a space mission, or an exploration game. You can use the conditional logic in Gimkit to create branching narratives based on player choices.

  3. Business Simulation Game: Players can start and manage a virtual business, making decisions about products, marketing, and finances. This can be educational while still being fun and engaging.

Remember, the key to making a successful game on Gimkit is to ensure it is fun, engaging, and caters to your target audience.

Best of luck with your game creation! If you want ideas on what to name or theme a specific Escape Room or Adventure game then reply back with a command specifying me to do so.

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@GimAI /gimai_help can you suggest more ideas that won’t take long?

Of course, let’s explore some more unique and themed game ideas:

  1. Space Station Repair (Theme: Space Adventure): The game involves players navigating through a damaged space station to repair vital components and restore functionality. Players must solve puzzles using the Counter, Checker, and Button devices to simulate the repair tasks. Certain parts of the station could be inaccessible until players gather necessary items or tools, which can be granted through the Item Granter or found via the Item Spawner. Obstacles such as Laser Beams can represent hazards like broken electric lines or security systems.

  2. Lost in Time (Theme: Time Travel): Players find themselves lost in different historical eras and must answer trivia questions related to each period correctly to move forward in time. Each era can be a zone, and upon entering, the Questioner device can trigger to pose a historically-themed question. Correct answers allow players to teleport to the next era, while wrong answers could lead to a time penalty (maybe using the Speed Modifier to slow them temporarily) or send them to a previous era.

  3. Secret Agent Mission (Theme: Espionage): Players assume the role of secret agents who must navigate through a high-security building to complete their mission. Laser Beams can act as security lasers, while Zones can serve as surveillance areas that the player must avoid. Players could use special items to disable security measures or disguise themselves, which can be obtained through Item Granters or Vending Machines.

  4. Haunted Mansion (Theme: Supernatural/Horror): In this spooky-themed game, players have to explore a haunted mansion filled with supernatural beings represented by the Sentry device. Zones can represent different rooms or areas in the mansion, each with its own unique haunting. Players can collect protective charms (via the Item Spawner or Granter) to ward off these entities. The ultimate goal is to lift the mansion’s curse by performing a series of tasks or solving riddles.

  5. Nature Reserve (Theme: Conservation): This game can be themed around wildlife conservation, where players play the role of park rangers in a nature reserve. They can participate in tasks like rescuing injured animals, planting trees, or cleaning up litter. Devices like the Counter can track their completed tasks, and the Item Granter or Spawner can provide the necessary tools. Players could also learn interesting facts about the environment through the Text device placed around the map.

These ideas can offer players an engaging and thematic gameplay experience, all while allowing you to explore various combinations of the devices provided by Gimkit Creative. Remember, your creativity is the limit!


@GimAI /gimai_help can you suggest more ideas that won’t take long and are not that hard to create/code?

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Sure, here are a few Gimkit game ideas that utilize the devices you mentioned:

  1. Emoji Puzzle: Create a game where players have to solve puzzles using the TEXT device to show an emoji sequence, then use the BUTTON device for players to select the correct interpretation of the emoji sequence. Each correct answer could trigger a COUNTER to keep track of the score.

  2. Team Treasure Hunt: Utilize FLAGS as treasure items and SPAWN PAD to create the starting points. Players from different teams have to find and capture the flag of the other team and return it to their base (defined by a ZONE). A FLAG CAPTURE ZONE could be used to automatically capture the flag when a player enters their base.

  3. Sentry Maze: Use the BARRIER device to create a maze and place SENTRY devices throughout. Players have to navigate through the maze without getting hit by the sentries. The END GAME device can be triggered when a player reaches the end of the maze.

  4. Trivia Race: Employ the QUESTIONER device to set up trivia questions at various WAYPOINTS around the map. Each correct answer allows the player to move to the next waypoint. A COUNTER device can keep track of correct answers, and the game ends when a player answers all questions correctly.

  5. Teleporter Tag: Set up a game of tag with the TAG ZONE device, but make the game more interesting by placing TELEPORTERS throughout the game area. Players can use these to escape being tagged or sneak up on other players.

  6. Escape Room: Design an escape room game using a combination of TEXT (for clues), BUTTON (to interact with objects), CHECKER (to confirm if the puzzle is solved), and TELEPORTER (to move to the next room upon solving a puzzle) devices.

  7. Capture the Zone: Similar to “capture the flag”, but instead, teams have to capture ZONES by standing in them for a certain amount of time. Use the COUNTER to measure the time spent in the zone and the TEAM SWITCHER to assign the zone to the team that captures it.

Remember to use the END GAME device to specify the winning conditions for each game!

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I did your TTT challenge AND made a guide on it. Can I be an unfeatured helper?

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Idk lol, idk much about unfeatured helpers, I just help. Also, nice!