Ideas for Camp half-blood map & camp jupiter (percy jackson)

Hi I am looking for Ideas for Me and my friends percy jackson map i was wondering if you had any ideas?

Make all the cabins!

Ok! You could also make some of these:

  1. Archery minigame
  2. Dueling Arena
  3. Volleyball

do you have any ideas for camp jupiter

Hmm. I havent read those books yet.

ok i won’t give you any spoilers

Oh yes…castle stuff use castle terrain…use text box emojis for tons of stuff, use armor stands!(camp jupiter)

thx everybody for ideas i am not good at this kind of stuff

Add the ending of heroes of olympus them standing against the monster army! (being vague for no spoilers)

i can attempt a build example of camps next week if ya want me to
ohhh yess…next project percy jackson pixel art!!—animated with riptide coping from pen to sword yessss

oh and how do you publish

um i dont really know how to explain…its pretty straightford to me.
you go in your game click the options click publishing and from there it basically tells ya.