The first ever guide to Gimkit rock climbing 🟨 Finished

What is rock climbing? Well you climb something and hold on to little ledges. Let get started Credit to @Haiasi for the idea.

First way
Put three teleporters and make the first setting like this.

The second setting is the same but instead of Telo 1 make it Telo 2 and do the same with the third one.

Put an overlay and make it a button that says Jump. Make it when button click transmist on Jump Pro and make it not visible on game start. Make it show when receiving on Jump 1. After that make it deactivate on Deactivate Jump.

Place a 4 x 5 piece of grass and put one zone like this.

Make it on the top so when the player enters zone Transmit on Jump 1 and when player leave zone transmit on deactivate jump.

Put a trigger and make it trigger when receiving on jump Pro.

Block code time yay! This block code is very easy just follow the picture. Note, this is using external inputs because it was too long.


If you didn’t understand then here is one picture with inline inputs.


Now put a respawn and wire it to Telo 1 and Telo 3 so if the player teleports here then respawn them so this is basically if you fail a jump you respawn.

Now were soon done but here is something important Breakable legs are thing so when you stand on them too long you fall. Here’s how to make it.

Put a counter and make the target value 5 and make it so when the target value reached
transmit on T V now put a zone around the whole space. Put two wire repeaters and wire them to each other. Wire the zone to the wire repeater when the player enters the zone repeat the wire pulse After that wire the wire repeater to the counter When the wire repeater receives a pulse increase counter. Wire the counter to respawn and make if target value reached respawn.

Last step make wall around your islands

You finished sort of, these important notes so listen. first of all for the block code you can do a different setup like instead of them all being 1 and 5 you can make the code 1 and 5 to 1 and 3.

This is not the whole game add more. it would just be a lot to add to this guide if i did the whole game.

you can make a timer so you only have a certain amount of time.

Be creative you can make an energy system.

Don’t forget to make checkpoints.

Finished product first stage

That it’s your done learning about rock climbing GKC Basic

Second way

Put three teleporters and make them able to be teleported on Try Jump c+1 and do the same but instead of 1 do 2. put three zones and make it when the player enters the zone transmit on Try Jump+1 and for the second one switch the 1 with 2 and the 2 with 3 and when they leave transmit Deactivate jump. Wire all the zne to activate Overlay.

Put a Overlay and make the setting like this.

No block needed!!! just that it is a more fair system really easy lest randomized system.

Finish product.



Great guide!
(Yes I read that fast)


Wow thanks for the complement @Cellofive and you can read that fast?


I just skimmed over it


Okay :smile: anyways I made this guide because @Haiasi asked me to kind of.


Do you like the spelling police? If not…
just saying, you spelled ledge wrong
please don’t be offended if you don’t like the grammar/spelling police

But great guide! It seems pretty cool! Rock climbing fans might love it. So awesome!

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My bad sorry i kind of tried by best to do it good and fast.


Nice guide!


It’s ok. We all make mistakes.

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I fix the mistake thank for telling me :smile:


I’m gonna get off now. I’ve procrastinated too much making my map, lol. I’ll ask for help here if I need it. (See, just did a mistake and forgot!)

But no problem! I’m glad to help notice mistakes.

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You might want to add a finished product. NIce guide tho!


Okay I will let me do it it will take a second.


you could just use a button-teleporter chain but nice nonetheless


Yeah I could’ve but I didn’t.

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Reminds me of the google doodle about the island. When DLD engine comes out, it would be even easier to make falling.


This is nice but more pictures of device settings will help less experienced people understand your guide better

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Okay sure I will add more @Foxy .

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@Foxy I did that with all the device settings.


Holy shoot dangit this is cool! Looks like heck to code but I mean, its gotta be worth it!