Ideas for Art With Special Characters (WIP)

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people have been using some special characters(Namely the ⬮ character), and putting them in text devices to allow for more clean shapes when it comes to their art in game. I think that’s really creative, since you can tint characters because they’re not technically emojis, but also, there are a lot of other shapes and symbols than just the ⬮.
There are quite a few I haven’t seen anyone talk about that I think should be experimented more with. So I decided to take a look at some characters that I believe could provide a lot of uses when it comes to art.

The Semi-circle ◖

One shape that’s missing from the large assortment of props provided in GKC is a half-circle. Sure, you can recolor props black and make one, but you can’t make it in any color other than black. Luckily, there’s a semi-circle characters One thing you can make with some semi circles and ovals is a watermelon slice, but I’m sure there are a hundred other things you can make with this, maybe the body a car?

Box Drawings ┳ ┻

Straight lines, good for corners and edges/outlines. I didn’t have a lot of ideas with these, but I did realize you could create a pretty solid “brick” texture with the ┳ and ┻ characters.



Phaistos Disc Signs 𐇔

Ever wanted to add little drawings to your map, but didn’t want to make each individual part? The Phaistos Disc Signs can be pretty helpful when it comes to that! A few uses for these include signs/emblems, background characters, or cave paintings, but I’m sure there are more you can come up with!








Here’s an enlarged image of all the characters since they’re pretty small:

custom shield


we can also use the - and _ for outlines, which is what I use sometimes

There are also…
curved ones

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I’ve never used those but I might use it now

This is what my guide Customizable Buttons is based on. A great website to find these characters on is Cool Symbol

I cant wait to see this guide finished!

Or just go into Google Docs and go to

Insert -> Special Characters

then copy and paste.

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Wow! I didn’t know about like half the symbols! I love the shield!

And there’s way more!! A group of characters that I haven’t touched on the topic of are the ‘shade’ characters, which are these rectangles with different densities of dots. These could very easily be used to create gradients.
Here are the different shades, and an example:

Light ░


Oh yeah those are cool too! I’ve used those in some of my maps for stairs from this guide!


Cool! Since characters can be tinted, you can also make color gradients by putting a Lighter Shade, a Tertiary Color (Primary + Secondary, like Red-Orange) In-between 2 Darker Shades, a Primary and a Secondary Color.
So like
Dark Shade Red - Medium Shade Red-Orange - Dark Shade Orange
Red to Orange

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Ohh! I’ve never tried this. Guess I can now!

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this is a awesome guide! i can definitely see this helping people! (and myself.) :]

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hey could you give me a hex for skin color(like mario skin)