Ideas for a Platformer

I was planning to use text with color square emojis for pixels on a build I’m working on, but unfortunately there is a 200 text device limit, which makes my build impossible. Is there something else, (without a limit) I could use instead? I am already aware of metal signs, which are currently my backup plan.

How about barriers?

500 limit, I wish though

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What in the world do you need 200 text objects for?
If the objects are static, then you can use multiple lines per object, since the limit for text in an object is 512 I believe.

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So basically, I was really bored in gimkit, right? Well I wanted a challenge. My friends aren’t really into gimkit like me, but they do play a little, so I asked them what I should do. After some brainstorming, we came up with an idea. After messing around with some animation and pixel art in gimkit already, I was like: "What if I made something more with it. And with the upcoming release of gimkit season one, there is an interesting “new” feature that I wondered if it was already possible within creative. Platformers. I originally had the idea to lay out every vertical layer on top of every other to make the scrolling effect. But this would take a lot of time, and may not even look good. Thankfully, when scrolling through your post on bitwise operations, thinking about my idea of procedural generation, and thinking about my friends idea to start with something flat, something completely different occurred to me. I could make every pixel individually and use a coordinate grid to keep track of each. Then use a trigger recursively triggering to randomly load each pixel. I could also use rules like those in procedural generation to figure out how to generate it logically. But after making a five by five grid to test it out, I remembered the post on device limits. My thought was: “Wouldn’t it suck if I got halfway only to find out there is a text limit?” And sure enough: “Text: 200”. I immediately went on gimkit creative to find a replacement, but after ten minutes of searching I couldn’t find a replacement I liked. I was aware of the GUI guide that used metal signs, but I didn’t like the non-squareness and color of them. This is a flawed and very incomplete explanation, but hopefully it gets the main points across.

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So, you can use each multiple emojis per text object to bypass this. You can use recursion to load them, just the same as well!

This was the idea my graphing calculator used, since I’m too lazy to place 400 text objects.

Also, I’m really excited to see another technical gimkit project underway! Good luck with it!

And since gimkit is turing complete, gimkit platformers are possible as of right now.

The problem is I cant generate randomly lower levels like this

Yes you can. For any generation it would be the same recursion, appending pixels to a property then showing the property on the text object.