Ideas for a Platformer

Each pixel isn’t a property, that would have a limit of 128, which is worse than 200, my problem

Each row would be a property.

This method does work, and is capable of functioning as both a black and white and a color display.

Actually, I may see what you mean, I need to do some testing

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Good luck!


After some testing, due to the same reasons as a single property keyboard, it appears that this method only works with level based keyboards as opposed to the scrolling platformer I need not to animate every possibility.

You do you… I know for a fact that this design can display anything.

Not without hitting property limit

You only need one property for rendering.

But to shift the platform over, I need to be able to remove the first pixel

Back to my original plan then, so any ideas for the prop?

No, just shift everything sideways one when rendering.

if you’re gonna make a display out of props, youll need to have each one appear and dissapear when a channel is broadcasted on.

How would I shift it over without moving the text, changing the property, or deleting the first pixel?

Ok, this is a renderer. Therefore, you can render any pixel at any spot. So, just render all the pixels 1 pixel to the left.

Okay, how do I store the game then?

not sure. Maybe a property with a radius for a square and an x and y for each platform?

@Apoll02 I cannot find your platformer on discovery?

It doesn’t search very well… you might have to wait for it to appear in community picks. Also, yeah, sorry, I feel obligated. (off-topic)

well, you predicted the future, anyways… You could recreate Big Tower Tiny Square (A coolmath game)

Dropper, also

That is now the only unblocked game nowadays… I like it!

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