Ideas for a freeze tag map

How would you make this?

Bro please search. It’s right here

oh wait. to do that just add on to that guide that makes it so that when the player is frozen, a questioner pops up and then if they answer one correctly it connects it to a counter and then it shows a global waypoint that’s a player

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That’s not really how it works(I think because I used a different guide IDK I’m brain dead today) [1]

  1. and chill bro ↩︎

i’m sorry if I sounded mean, just don’t like it when people make things without searching

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nah it’s fine(and man that is going to be tough to make)

Also @ShinyRiolu your Don’t Press the Button game in Discovery makes it end the game every single time you start…

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I thought I fixed that. I disabled solo-play. Just so yk, you have to play it with multiple people bc it is last one standing. If you try it now you can’t do it alone

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