I would like to be able to make a game like GimJumper

I know it would be hard to do but I have some good ideas for maybe some more mechanics.

And NO, I don’t mean like don’t look down.

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sorry, this is not possible

it is
anything is possible
get not-impossibled


what’s gimjumper? more context?

It’s @Apoll02’s platformer.

honestly, just ask @Apoll02 , but he said he probably wont make a guide on it, its reaalllly hard…

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I’m here. What are the mechanics?

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maybe, like jumping on enemies or something.

I thought about adding that… It would need a second renderer… So, you would like to make your own?

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i mean sure

:0 da secrets are being revealed but maybe u should make a guide on it @Apoll02

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It would probably be more like the graphing calculator guide than anything else.

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but I mean, maybe people are just curious on how you did it.

Should I make one?

Should I make a platformer guide?
  • Yes
  • No
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It involves text and triggers. That’s all I really know. I spent most of
@Apoll02’s testing phase trying to find glitches though.


well, you know what time it is.

lol yayyyyyyy platformer time! :smiley:

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