I would like some assistance please

i cant find any guides on this so i am asking all of you lovely forum members for help on this thing i am working on

  • so what i need to happen is, when a person is eliminated the person who get elimed is teleported to a place where they have to wait for a person to revive them.
    please note -it is a team based game
  • here is what the respawn stations look like and how they work

so when you’re at a station you can interact with it to tp/revive the fallen teammate and the cost is a “depleted life seed” witch everyone has

Screenshot (309)

also i want the players to be respawned at predetermined locations across the map

Is this like teams or free for all~

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Only need to know, because if it is teams then you might need multiple systems whereas free for all may be one system :PP

its fine if it requires multiple system i just need a way to do it

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you could use the knockout manager blocks to teleport a player to a different area where you could hold a button to teleport them back to the battlefield. the players for one team would be teleported to there own revival box in which other players would revive the players 1 by 1. the button would trigger a trigger that would select a random person to be teleported back to the battlefield. if you wanted you could do it like fortnight and respawn the player at 30 hp using the damage device

How is the player revived? Elaborate.

ummm could you please be a bit more spesific?

the player when elimed drops a thing used by teammates to revive him at a station

That what I was thinking, but I was trying to do something team based. For that plan though instead of a button since he wants someone else to revive the player, each person ko could have their own holding cell, for each cell there is a vending machine with the spefic item and that button will “revive” them. To get to the place of revival each person would have an overlay that can teleport them there and back to the battfield. BUT when you get knocked out that overlay would have to be removed, and when you are revived it would have to be added back

how would you put the players into their own cell?

dang this is hard. maybe ping the smart people?

That’s the only thing I can think of right now, there might be an easier way but I’m not completely shure

Working on it

Lol fr, like EggNoodle

You can use a Knockout Manager to make the player drop an item when knocked out, but I’m not sure how to utilize this.

Don’t, unless you have some sort of sense of what you’re working with.

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i have worked with cyantiger and wolftech on this a bit with both of them

ok, so when knocked out (use lifecycle) then teleport to zone,.
now when u revive, you should make a teleporter avalible to that player.

I would say use a Lifecycle, when player knocked out, teleport to that revive place.
Maybe there would be a place on the map where a player could teleport to the “dead people lobby” for their team. From there, when you press a button to “revive teammates” and that button would teleport them back to the island

yeah I don’t think that is possible but maybe the players could select which cell they want and then that cell locks until they get revived. only problem is that the players could just stay in the selection zone

oh sorry it looked like I copied you. my bad!

why not just use knock-out manager?

i use lifecycle, because it works for host too.
ko manager doesnt work for host for me