I want to release a snowbrawl training map, but most of it is an inside joke with my friends

There are a lot of things that will seem weird to people other than myself, and its a huge map so I still want to do it.

and why are you posting this?

Go for it.

No one’s stopping you, plus, you didn’t have to publish everything you do.

If you need help developing your map, I’ll be glad to help.


@Cluebox03 I mean, do u need help or smth?

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Release via showcase link

If you want it to be explained, add lore! Pop-ups hidden on long vending machine chains, perhaps?

Its mostly Easter eggs, like, if you choose a specific username then you’ll get access to a secret room.

If you want that, you’ll need block code.

like if someone names themself like, Penguin, they get like a snowball launcher

Because I can barely make my own decisions without reassurance from someone else.

Maybe use a passcode-questioner device!

Ok. Sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?

I need to do smth on GKC, I haven’t in a while.

I’m just gonna do it

I did that, but the problem is that it tells you the answer to the password/question when you do it wrong.

I did it. Just go to, “New Releases”

Then just have it close immediately when getting the question wrong using wires.

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