I want to make Fortnite Battle Royal Game on GimKit. Then after that my friend are going to be making a among us game

@SAD @Crimson_Knight @leo_flowers do you guys finish the game i ask for or not yet?

Uh what exactly do you need help with?

Did you use the personal message feature? Or is this asking for help? I’m so confused.

How do you PM?

You cannot, as the moderators have removed that feature for security/privacy issues, because they do not have an effective way to moderate those. So far, you can only pm discobot, which was started when you create an account here.

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OK, I was just curious about @Coolcaden26’s post

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Umm, Just check the padlet, I think we are doing it tomorrow, we just have to wait for Leo’s confirmation, btw this is off-topic so I would mark a solution.

I was asking because you can still try, but it turns into a topic rather than a PM. (People do it sometimes)

Stop bro no pm u r Supposed to make a Fortnite Battle Royal Game and Among Us

Please guys stop, Tryeese just check the padlet, you will see when, we just have to wait for Leo, just please mark a solution. Also please don’t use hate speech as it isn’t aloud on the forums

Please Stop being bossy And Be Kind

Okay but how do i check?

sorry wont do it again

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Just check the padlet like every 30 mins.

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How do I check? Can you, please send me the link? where @leo_flowers and @SAD I thought they were supposed to be here.


Can you please send me the link please?

How is my game going?

Haven’t started…

okay, can u please let me know when you guy start the game? Do u guys have tiktok