I want to make a zelda botw map in gimkit

use sentries and prevent them from shooting or fake gim How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10

btw make sure the change the name when you publish because of copyright


a possible name : the myth of zinkle : breath oxygen, try water (for all of the hardcore gamers out there)

another snom lover?

i have seen ur profile pic so many times and never saw there was a snom


You could also try this glitch that lets you name your sentries without a text box:

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And this:(🟧) How to make a talking and trading sentry to make interactions for quests and stuff.

Whoa! I love botw. about time someone made a map!

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Thanks for all the feedback

Man 8 visits to my link thats nice

Don’t post off-topic stuff like that, just keep it to yourself.

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What? thats a good thing it means My guide is helping others So thats nice that people are finding their solution

it is a good thing you don’t have to say it though

Does anyone know how to make the camera view smaller than it tells you to make them

click on the camera view then there should be a little button in the bottom left corner click that then u can change the size

lonewolf if you want to play check mail

Huh? Can I play too?

do you want to help me on my map

sure I would like to help

just add anything that would help

uh your not allowed to post codes here so LEts be quick