I really need some help

I need some help on my avatar map that im making i need some people to help and some ideas/designs for the buildings

Which avatar?
The master of 4 elements or the blue guys?

The four elements guy

You should add a temple for each element
Blue for water
white for air
red for fire
green for earth

im making the whole map and all the islands

@GimNo0b I would love to help also what avatar are you talking about
avatar and the last air bender
avartar the movie
or avatar as in a avatar?

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Aanng the guy with the cool tattoo

okay i have no idea what that means but i would like to help

yep. that’s avatar
you want to make he Nickolodeon version right?
I can help
ima brainstorm some ideas for u.
maybe do some temples

well how about large temples alters, machiens that will be powered by there elements