I needed help with this for a long time

Is it possible to make a player take damage for every second that they stay in a zone? Can that zone become bigger over time?

Yes it is.
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Just place several zones. Wire them to a trigger clock. Wire trigger clock to a damager. Make the trigger clock deactivate upon leaving the zone.

If you want the zone to increase, just deactivate one and activate a bigger zone using counters.

Ping me if you want a detailed step-by-step version of this.

Thank you very much sir.

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Can I actually get step by step instructions

ok. its gonna be long tho.

Do you need step by step for the entire thing, or just one specifc part.

also do you prefer wires or channels

Yeah, the taking damage is easy, but the zone increasing, oof. Im guessing this is for fortnite-style, also for the damage just make a zone when enter start repeater, when repeater runs do damage from damager.

Follow this guide, but with some minor adjustments stated below.

Don’t place any lasers. The bushes are optional.

Create a trigger.
Set the “activation scope” to “player”
Set “active on start” to “no”

Copy the trigger
Set the delay to “1”

Wire the zone to the trigger #1
(Player enters zone) → (Activate Trigger)

Wire the zone to the trigger #2
(Player enters zone) → (Activate Trigger)

Wire trigger #1 to trigger #2
(Triggered) → (Trigger)

Wire trigger #2 to trigger #1
(Triggered) → (Trigger)

Add a wire repeater
Set the delay to 0.1

Wire the zone to the wire repeater
(Player enters zone) → (Repeat wire pulse)

Wire the wire repeater to trigger #1
(Wire pulse repeated) → (Trigger)

Place a damager device.
Make it damage to whatever poison tick you want.
Set the “Player Knocked out by damager message” to “{Name} got knocked out by the fog!” (Or anything you want)

Wire trigger #2 to damager device
(Triggered) → (Damage)

Create another wire repeater

Wire zone to wire repeater #2
(Player leaves zone) → (Repeat wire pulse)

Wire wire repeater #2 to both of the triggers
(Wire pulse repeated) → (Deactivate trigger)

Repeat this for every zone you place down while following the guide.
You can use wire repeaters if you reach the maximum wire count for the triggers.

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step by step for the entire thing.

I prefer wires. I dont really know how to use channels.

thanks. is it possible to coppy this whole process because I dont want to. rewire everything six times.

nevermind. but thank you for the help!

Can you tell me how to do a zone increase?

The zone “increase” is just deactivating a small zone and activating a larger zone, to give the illusion of an “increase”. It’s more like swapping zones, not really increasing zones.

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