I need them to spawn in the jail, can any body help

in my team battle game, when a player gets tagged in a base, i want them to get spawned in the jail, any suggestions?

Put a respawn device in the jail so when they get tagged they go in jail.(I think that works, I don’t have time to test it)

the player spawns in the jail, but then respawns at their player spawn pad

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try this @Dustie-Bunns

Turn the respawn off in the tag device, and wire it to a teleporter that is in the jail, player tagged > Teleport player here.

Teleporting the player on top of a checkpoint might work.


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You could have a spawn pad that only worked for one team, but surround it with a zone that detects your spawn (“entering of the zone”) and used a team switcher to change you to a different team that uses a different spawn pad.

You can put a lifecycle for “When player knocked out” >>> Teleport player here.

Then, players can press a button to release players in jail.

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i tried that, but everytime someone gets knocked out, it teleports them to jail, then immediately sends them back to their spawn point

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When player tagged, make it so it teleports them to the jail. The player that got tagged.

You can use a zone to confirm if they are in there

ok, i got the zone set up, what now?
like, how would i make it to check if they are in there

Give them an item

then it should be like this

when player tagged, check if they have this item. If the player has that item, then teleport them to jail.

it still not working