I need some more help

So I got nothing else to do so I’m deciding I want to make a game based on an Escape Room, does anyone have ideas as for the Name, Thumbnail, Map, and Plot/Mode?

P.S / If you make the thumbnail for this game, I’ll credit you

If you need a thumbnail go here

What do I do there exactly?

Edit the wiki in the requests part put the name of your game, theme and stuff they will make one for you

Is it open right now?

You can still edit it and people watching the topic will get notifications

Oh ok, doesn’t sound too hard.

K, I just put my request in.

Name ideas:

  • Puzzle Room
  • Puzzling Room
  • Puzzled Gims
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@speedingVortex you already added your request to the wiki you should mark a solution so this topic can close

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Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Oh and thanks for the ideas @Scoopala7

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