I need some ideas for barrier art

I wonder… If you defined each pixel of an image as a barrier, would that work? You could either export an image into it’s json data (idr what the base format is), or into an array to send requests from.

Im going to take a picture every line so I can see the growth
Screenshot 2024-02-22 4.40.57 PM


Screenshot 2024-02-22 4.54.32 PM

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Does anyone know if wolftechnology is on?

I don’t understand, can you clarify?

ummm, I dont think wolf is one, you want me to ping him?
ill edit this post
I dont want to randomly ping people

Okay, can you grab each pixel individually, and define each one as a 1x1 pixel barrier?

I pinged him 40 minutes ago but sure

ok ummm…
u on? Gim noob need u

ill go check some other guides to try to find him

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@Blackhole927, it’s a blackhole.

Nice but i cant do any pics right now i have to complete wolftechs

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thats actually insane
how long is that taking u

I have been working since 4 its crazy

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Screenshot 2024-02-22 5.12.39 PM

Ummm. Have you considered using a mod to do this? You can send a request to the web-socket to place a barrier (not very difficult). You can then use Python or something and repeatedly send a request for each item in an array. That way you can just define each pixel in text and run the code.

I could but wheres the fun in that i want to do this by hand without mods or programs

and how much hve you done??

me thinking that the whole picture would take 20 minutes oops

It takes about 20 minutes for 2 rows heres the pic im doing
images (95)

rip your time.

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