I need some ideas for barrier art

i shall not underestimate you barrier artists :saluting_face:


I know but it’s very fun

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Wait, can you teach me how?

What previous knowledge do you have with programming?

Before you teach everyone you should check with @Blackhole927 he doesnt anyone to know how

Um, not much…

I don’t really intend to do it publicly lol, I can priv message.

So blackhole made the software?

Also @GimNo0b wolftech is not online
i dont think at least

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Not exactly. He gave me the basic webserver info, which I used to develop a similiar program. In the end it’s basic code, and I’m assuming Blackhole doesn’t want people screwing with webserver requests (though I’m not sure if much could be done besides client side)

Ok, I dont really need it anywasy

I think it’s because inappropriate things can be made. Now teach me please :smile: mentor.

Lets ask blackhole first…

So before I priv message you on about this, here’s some public background info (Also idk how to really priv message).

Gimkit uses a websocket called Colyseus. The fact that it uses Colyseus is why he and others would recommend using Javascript. I personally use Python because I’m used to it (though I’m still in development/learning about modding gimkit with it).

Since I’m kinda developing this right now, you can help lol.

We need to find how the websocket defines barriers in Gimkit.

Now I’m not completely sure how to see this, so we need to experiment a little (once we do it’s not hard to send a request in almost any language).

Oh yeah and here’s some reference for when I first started looking into the API and got referred to the websocket by blackhole.

(stop looking, this is deleted)

@GimSolver you should try to make a working lava lamp with barriers

Friendly reminder modding is pretty difficult, especially for those who don’t know much about coding haha

I don’t want people messing with generating images and importing them because once you know how, it’s trivially easy to import inappropriate media.

Barriers can only be so small, and there is also a 500 barrier limit. If the barrier limit was raised to like 3k or something, I could import some seriously detailed art.