I need some ideas. Can anyone help me?

So I need some ideas for a place that you can get teleported to that is also simple to make. Can anyone help me?

Like a lobby in between minigames? Or like an evil wizard teleported you to a dungeon?

Like an evil wizard teleported you to a dungeon.

Have you played Tears of the Kingdom? You could do a room like the room you wake up in on the great sky island.

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I’d use dark scraps or stone as the terrain, maybe some groundbreaking plant props. Maybe a plate if said wizard lets you have a last meal before banishment to the shadow realm or something.

If the point of the game is to escape, maybe also a fork for lockpicking or something.

Or a cell mate NPC who also hopes to escape before sharing the same fate of banishment or whatever.

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Something like this?

If there’s anything I should add, let me know.

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I love tears of the kingdom! It is kinda like a wizard teleported you to a dungeon!


Back on topic tho:
You can do a simple farm by using a few blocks of dirt, white flowers and a standing shovel.


Credits to: The 7th Dragon

Also I pulled this from this post:

I’ve gotten TONS of ideas from this post so maybe you can look through it and hopefully get some pretty good ideas from it!
I hope this helped you :slight_smile:



Maybe make the area smaller and add an exit that they have to break to get out of.

Like this?
Screenshot 2024-04-28 6.00.31 PM
(please ignore the triggers, I have them there for a reason)

Is this good?
Screenshot 2024-04-28 6.34.04 PM
If I should add anything, let me know.

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Perfect * Chefs kiss *

just rock. nothing else.

Oh yeah.
Rock too.
And dirt spots and maybe a few small scrinked spiders.

rock grass rok grass what ever.

Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found this very much useful and informative.


ai stuff. thats his sentence format. Ai

Like this?
Screenshot 2024-04-29 7.00.46 AM
(I added a stall :slight_smile:)

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Ok, slay.