I‎ need‎ some‎ help‎

I need someone with a big brain cause I don’t have one, to come up with some map ideas for me since I can’t think. At all.

I ain’t no big brain but @WhereIsMyHat is
Also welcome to the forums @LilMonke321
remember to check out:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq

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oo me me i have an idea

search before you post /nbr

Thanks for the help :poop:.

mark a solution if you have your answer

I’ma do a Tycoon game. Like farming. Yeah that sounds ez and cool.

mark a solution since it seems your question has been answered

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don’t forget to mark a solution or else it wont say you solved it

Mb. I am new to this so…

Hit a checkbox on one of the posts and BOOM it is the solution.

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