I need some help with a map

How do you make it so if all wires are triggered, something happens?

tell me more I don’t understand what you are asking
if you want all the wires going to one device to have to activate before the device does something, use a counter that increments on wire pulse, target is the number of wires, and wire that to the device

Use a counter. The wires should increment counter. When the counter reaches a target of how many wire there are, broadcast something so that the action happens.

Perfect, thank you a lot.

that’s what i said! lol

I couldn’t see your entire post while I was typing. All I saw was “tell me more I don’t understand what you are asking”.

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Same, sorry about that.

You know, @JamesPotter deserves the solution more than me. Unmark mine and mark their’s.

Alright, it has been done.


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