I need some help on making a mini game

So basically I’m making a floor is lava game but I want that the lava goes dead for 10 seconds and then comes back and i also want a text to say when it’s dead or not and i want for there to be safe zones can anyone help with that? I’m about to sleep so i wont se responses now so yeah

use a repeater that turns a zone off and on after 10 seconds


you can put lasers or a respawn device on the lava.
if you put lasers, use this guide:

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Can you send pics on how to do that pls? I’m on a tight schedule i need to have this project done by Sept 6th

After you have that set up, add a breath meter, but have it take away larger amounts of breath than 1. Maybe 20.

This is what I would do. Place a wire repeater. Set “delay” to 10. Connect that wire repeater to a zone ( → activate zone.) Copy and paste that wire repeater. Connect the first wire repeater to the second wire repeater and to a notification device that tells you that the lava rose. Connect the second wire repeater to the zone ( → deactivate zone) and to the first wire repeater. Also connect it to a notification that tells you the lava sank.

As for the safe zone, are you referring to areas safe from lava? If so, remove the wire from the zone that makes the player respawn when they touch lava. Instead, connect it to a Checker that checks if a property (set the property to “safe.”) is equal to 1. Then place some zones that represent the safe zones. Connect those zones to a counter. (player enters zone → increment counter.) Set its scope to player and make the counter track a property. Set that property to “safe.” Also connect the zones to a wire repeater (player leaves zone → ) then the wire repeater to the counter ( → decement counter)


I wish I could help as much as you, you have like 80 solutions while I only have 40.

You have 40? I only have 20!

Now time to find someone with 10. Or go collatz conjecture style and go 10 → 5 → 16 → 8 → 4 → 2 → 1


3n+1 is frivolous math. Please keep the references low.

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It is not! I’m going to refer to it in every single guide I make from now on!

From now on, I’m also going to reference how the harmonic series diverges in every single one of my guides lol.