I need more help, like always

I can’t make a trading sentry, no matter what. And I don’t want A guide since they don’t work for me since I don’t understand everything. I just want a picture step by step, which I can never find. What do I do?

What do you mean that it doesn’t have pictures? this one does. if it doesn’t help I’ll try to help you with what your confused about.

look, i want a picture for every step, to show about it. I probably won’t be able to find any, and i’m too stupid to try to make it myself

Please refrain from talking negatively on the forum!

What’s the main step you need help with? I’ll start with that.

wait, I will ask you later. I will try to do the steps by myself

The guides are most likely not working due to a patch that made sentries unable to interact with devices. Are you saying that making the sentries passive isn’t working?

nope. It is the fact the sentry always destroys me, not make deals.

You could set them to your team.

Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. A lot of older guides use gadget fire zones which no longer work. Place an invisible barrier over it instead.

okay, that was actually all i needed

I’m sorry to break your bubble, but doesn’t have count as advertising? Unless the author needs it for a specific reason in this post I’m missing, someone may flag it if they feel like it’s spam.

well this seems like it would help them right?

actually i guess they already got a solution so maybe not

You should delete that to be safe. Yeah, I agree they could benefit from that but at the same time this question could easily be helped on the forum, like many others, so it would technically be on topic for every forum post, hence why I said it’s spam.

yeah, okay

still, i think it’s more on-topic for people who are just asking about something because they don’t understand a guide, or are asking about something that is just really hard to explain but not too hard to do, a more hands-on and interactive experience with someone helping you can definitely be the solution. however, yeah, i understand it doesn’t really fit here, especially since you already solved this


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