I need minigame ideas!

Heyo! I need some minigame ideas, I already have a few, so if you can, please comment some!

Oh, and… Edit: This is a top-down map

  • You run around with pickaxes and you get higher speed each elimination
  • Snowball fight
  • One shot
  • Press the right button out of a bunch of buttons
  • Glass break game (i thought of it, but the @chrysostom gave me a great guide! thx!)
  • Flood run (thx! @Kormorant)
  • Slow-mo
  • Laser maze (thx! @Beluga_Whale)
  • One-minute Hide & Seek Tag (thx @OOF)
  • Capture the Flag (thx to @hi0_0! )

That’s what I have so far. If I see any good ideas in the comments, i’ll add them to the list!

hehe isn’t this epic mini games?
anyways uh flood run where you run away from a flood

boss fight sentrys. plant kind

yes, it is- and ok!

or snom. snom Is a good mini game.

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in other words a game where you fight sentrys that have high level weapons and shield and health

There’s many guides on mini-game ideas, also check out the favorite Mario party minigames post for ideas.

Oh, thank you!

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you could do a laser maze

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like my map!!!..1 :smile: happy

what’s it called? actually nvm

i would say but it is off topic go on the wix and look for a post by checkmate king on code sharing @Kormorant

@That_Fedora_Guy also something like glass bridge

yeah, i already put that

wait bc @Kormorant asked for the name of the map can I tell them it?

PvP parkour with lasers that turn on and off and bridges/ground (barriers) turning on and off.
Complex? Maybe
Fun? Perhaps
Extreme? Why not

He doesn’t have plat

you could do a maze with the walls and floors

am i able to say my name of the map because of @Kormorant asked?

idk but just say it ig