I need inspiration for a game

Im new and I want to create a complex game that no one made before. I know the basics and I got bored of my idea to make a sandbox.

I’m glad you want to make something hard, so I’ll give you some ideas. Make Tetirs, Mario, a movie , or anything that causes the brain to go insane.

Welcome to the forums @therareocelot, read new-user-must-read and forum-tips. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Here’s a guide just in case:

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Welcome! I am here to help! If you need any easter egg ideas, then summon me! Yours, Sir Quillius Inkpot.

I already welcomed them here and they can see your name without you posting it, so please don’t do that. Also, you’re promoting yourself when you post like that.

Whatever do you mean? Promoting myself? I am just signing off my name!

You don’t need to do that. You could put your skill set in you bio.

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