I need ideas [Rob a Bank Game]

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yesterday I made a post about my map… and I didn’t get in trouble and I’m made this for help and ideas for my map… so why can’t I make this?

because there was no question asking for ideas so i didn’t know. All you had was a image and no description. you can edit you post to make it ask the question you need.

Thanks WolfTechnology

next time, try to crop out the code in the image. make sure it’s not valid before posting.

(it’s still active)

okay thanks Coolcaden26

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here are my ideas:
-If you pay/bribe enough money you can get certain number of security
overlay —> (transmit on channel)vending machine —> deactivate sentry(team sentry), activate sentry (team 1)
-add sprint
so many guides on this… its just fun
-you the new camera point device for security cameras…
use eggnoodle’s guide

Use cash as a property and use the How to make different money systems to track it with an overlay and buy things with your property-cash.