I need ideas please!

I am making an “Escape Room” game and I would like to have some ideas for some of the rooms because Gimkit doesn’t have those type of physics yet, but there still is some ways…

You can have a room where you need find the trigger button to open the door to the next area or something. I have some more ideas if you want me to tell you @Jacob .

uhhh maybe escaping a planet? maybe getting 30 ship parts in 30 days-

wow, that is a really good idea keep me posted Zap_bolt!

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No, you can still give ideas too!

If you want to, you don’t have to tho.

But anyway, I have another idea @Jacob. I will show you what to do, just hold on a sec.

alright thanks for the help so far!

Or maybe killing sentries that drop items. Once you reach a certain amount, you can escape. In addition, you could do risky missions, such as going up to a powerful sentry and “pickpocketing” it in order to get the desired key. You could add a minefield, where the player has to see hints in order to avoid the “mines.” In addition, you could make your escape room more tense by limiting the player to a certain amount of lives. When they run out, they die, and thus they have to restart.

In addition, making a laser hall can be exciting for the player as the player has to avoid the lasers or get hit, which requires timing.

Last idea. You can set the player to a certain amount of health. Calculate this carefully and place sentries and lasers. Your goal is to force the player to go through the lasers, but when they come out at the end, they must have a tiny bit of health leftover. If they get hit by the sentries, its game over for them.
A related idea is using energy instead of health and the players have to go through a maze. They must know where to go and use hints to their advantage. They have to take strategic turns so as to conserve as much energy as possible.

Here’s a good guide

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ok these ideas are really good! now lemme put a few into action!

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Now, I know this picture looks complicated, but I’ll explain.

The wires from the flag are connected to the sentries with the following wires

Flag captured < Activate sentry

The wires connected to the teleporter have the following wires.

Player teleported here < Deactivate sentry

What should happen is when the player is teleported there, nothing but the flag is in sight, however, as soon as they pick up the flag, they have to make sure to return the flag or they might die.

Omg, tell me more now, these ideas are ideas I never even thought of! Thank you so much!

Sorry @Jacob, that’s all I can think of. But do you think my ideas are good?

… what do you think? YES! THERE THE BEST!!!

Thank you, I thought they were cool too.

Now i have question, is it possible to make it so the sentrys cant shoot through the barrier around the flag zap_bolt?