I need ideas for my fnaf like game

i need help on what to add to my fnaf game but i might change it to fnag for: five nights at Gim’s. I also need help on how the map looks and a thumbnail for this and lastly please put guides on how to make fnaf

Thumbnails unless they are made in gimkit creative maps are off topic, and also fnaf games are illegal on discovery and frowned upon by gimkit so i would not suggest it…but if you are certain
[ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for FNAF
And i know how to make a randomized sentry moving system for fnaf…i was one of the first to develop one.

Make a dog cow moose and pig instead of the original ones

uh it’s a fnaf like game I guess

…my point was advising against as gimkit is very unsupportive and not very positive to idea…
and wont be allowed to be published…
but if you really want to i can give a randomized sentry moving fnaf system…and i already gave a guide for your last request as well…so im confused…why did you say its a fnaf game if i was talking about it being a fnaf game? what am i missing?(not in hateful tone but a confused tone)

oh yes I just checked on google and saw I must pay to make a fnaf fan game

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