I need ideas for a castle

I have a castle where you are trying to overthrow a shadow wizard, and I made a these rooms:
A craft-the-key area: (thanks to the new update)

There is 6 rooms, but i’m only showing 3 of them, also, there is a animation showing the gate open when you find the key.

Living quarters:

Screenshot 2024-01-15 11.39.16 AM

You, have to find the key

Puzzle room:

(there is a secret exit)


Don’t mind the little person with red eyes.


This is a tunnel I animated so it looks like you fall through it into the dungeon.


You can sleep, eat, and examine things here.

Dungeon outside:

Dining hall:

Tower staircase:

That’s all, the tower staircase is the last place you go, but i’m confused how you should get to the throne room from there.
Also, the entrance to the castle is covered in traps


Sorry, the first photo is supposed to be after the intro

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Camera views.


I added that, look at the photos closer:
Screenshot 2024-01-15 12.12.12 PM
This is the edge of a camera veiw

Any other ideas?
Room ideas

Any ideas? Please?

Just a small question.
Have you published this game?
If so, what is the publish name?

It’s not puplished, I created this topic because i’m out of ideas and it’s not done.

I’m also only level 32 total

I really like all the ideas in this map! It’s really cool and you went over most of the key ideas. I just think more quests/minigames might make it a little more interesting, and you could also add sentries with team switcher turned on to make friendly knights, but if you harm them or do something your not supposed to, they switch teams and attack you.

in the dungeon, you could add a skeleton using poles or barriers. maybe also make the dungeon room darker with barriers.

Royal ballroom?


Cool idea!

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The knights won’t work, as you are secretly invading

oh i think i missed that part.

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I added some parts that have crafting tables now, thanks to the new update.

Does anyone have any idea how you get from a tower to a throne room?

Okay, this topic is dead, I’m going to mark a solution

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