I need help with upgrades for my cookie clicker game

just give me ideas that cost less than 1,000,000 cookies (brown seeds)

200,000=2x Speed Upgrade
20,000=1.1x Speed Upgrade
500,000=3x Speed upgrade
For getting cookies

that are not speed upgrades

No speed upgrades as in get your seeds faster


kind of off topic but in cookie clicker, ur cookies are always made in cps, and the only way to get more cookies is to get more cookies per second, not make cookies faster. this can help with cookie clicker upgrade ideas.

Yeah so basically somethin’ like that (trying to find a guide)


An upgrade for more generators that generate more per seeds per second

my brain cells just committed suicide

upgrades for grandmas (if you have them) a long that line) upgrades for farms etc.


use this, it has upgrades, M1dnight's Ultimate Guide to Clicker Games (GimClicker), an upgrade actually.

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